Join our newest therapy group Liberate, facilitated by Ammie Kae, LSW.

In this 4 Week Group, we will use films like Crooklyn and Eve's Bayou to identify and explore intergenerational traumas and our community's intergenerational strengths. Through knowledge and coping strategies, we will find liberation in our own lives and as a community of Black women.

Throughout Liberate's four-week group we will take an in-depth look at Black women and Black girls from classic movies, such as Crooklyn (1994) and Eve's Bayou (1997). While examining these narratives, we will reflect on beliefs and worldviews that may have been developed or internalized based on projected societal ideals. In a nurturing and safe environment, we will discuss what it means to break negative habits, and begin to embrace the healing tools that are vital to creating change in our own lives, relationships and families. Through community, laughter, therapeutic discussion, good films, and new healing practices, we can shed generational traumas and experience a liberating love for self and others.

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