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Meet our Therapists


Melanie Clavelle, LSW

Melanie is a Therapist that believes that it is essential to honor your experiences and work collaboratively with you to improve your mental wellbeing.  She believes each individual has their own unique story and is worthy of positive change. 


She specializes in supporting women who are struggling with self-esteem and depression. She is excited to work with you to enhance your life by finding your true self through exploration and compassionate care.  Melanie has additional experience working with those living with complex trauma, depression, anxiety, and managing life transitions.

Melanie accepts:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Cigna/Evernorth

  • Self-Pay 

Melanie is accepting new clients!


April Threatt, MA

April empowers her clients to understand various factors in their lives that contribute to their unhappiness. She is committed to being compassionate and present with her clients as they discover their inner strengths to bring about desired change. Her approach is person-centered and she believes that building relationships with clients is essential in therapy in order to assist them in working through issues, overcoming obstacles, and becoming the best version of themselves.

April accepts:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Cigna/Evernorth

  • Self-pay

April is accepting new clients!


Betty Hailu, LCSW

Betty  focuses on meeting her clients where they are and fostering a relationship that allows for positive growth. Her approach has been fueled by focusing on “what happened to you”, instead of “what’s wrong with you."  Her compassionate and empathetic nature is revealed through genuine, non-judgmental, and collaborative space where new possibilities for your life can be explored. Her experience working in various levels of care has provided her with skills to provide support to clients experiencing challenges with trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, stress, and relationship issues.

Betty accepts:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Cigna/Evernorth

  • United Healthcare

  • Full- rate Self-pay

  • Betty does not accept sliding scale

Betty is accepting new clients!


Danielle Swan, MAATC

Danielle’s mission is to encourage positive relationships with yourself and others.  She has worked with individuals and groups of all ages experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use and chronic illness. She aims to support people with healing through compassionate care that's rooted in discovering your strengths, creative expression, and mindfulness.  She believes firmly in the therapeutic alliance with clients and works diligently to align herself with liberated practices rooted in Black feminist theory. 

Danielle accepts:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Cigna/Evernorth

  • Self-pay 

Danielle is accepting new clients!


Amber Kelley, LSW

Amber enjoys serving Black women and girls who are seeking therapy to heal from trauma and other interpersonal difficulties. She works with people to overcome barriers that have them stuck to move to a place of growth, healing, and self-actualization.

 She provides therapy that is rooted in psychodynamic theory to explore childhood events and attachment. Amber uses a trauma-informed lens to explore thinking patterns, behaviors, and life events that are impacting your mental wellness. She is attuned to the mind-body connection to mental health and addresses somatic symptoms with psychotherapy.

Amber accepts:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Cigna/Evernorth

  • Self-pay 

Amber sees teens!

Amber is accepting new clients!

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