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Black Girls Rock!Why Black women must celebrate ourselves everyday.

Let me tell you! Every year I can not wait for the Black Girls Rock! Awards.

There are many award shows that feature and award Black women for our achievements. But none celebrate us like Black Girls Rock! Since the award show’s inception, I have always enjoyed it from beginning to end. I have my shares of “ YASSSS” “ Get it!” “You betta do that!” and standing ovations as if I was at the award show myself. Anyone who watches Black Girls Rock! can not deny the brilliance, beauty, resilience and countless contributions of Black women to our world. No matter what kind of day that I’m having, what kind of challenges I am experiencing taking those few hours to be filled with celebration of Black women, a celebration of my existence lifts my spirits to beautiful heights.

As a regular watcher of Black Girls Rock!, I’ve picked up how there celebration of #blackgirlmagic is the core of what we need to have in our lives everyday. Taking everyday to celebrate who we are, as we are, and what we will do in the future can keep us rocking for generations to come.

Here are 5 ways you can have a Black Girls Rock moment everyday:

  1. Morning Music Motivation: Listening to a song that reminds you of your greatness and uplifts your spirit is a great start to your day. Even listening to music throughout the day that is full of inspiration and positivity can spark innovation and strength to stay motivated throughout the day.

  2. Make Moves: Living with purpose and working towards a goal everyday keeps you moving. Surrounding yourself with others making moves can support you in inching closer to the accomplishments you are working towards.

  3. Share your light: Shining bright with everything that you already have and what you are made to do brings light into any space you enter. Don’t keep your light and what makes your special to yourself; share it every chance you get as you continue to grow.

  4. Ancestor Inspiration: You would not be here today without another Black woman who came before you. Taking time to respect, recognize, love, and appreciate a Black woman ancestor who inspires you honors their existence and the woman you are destined to be.

  5. Recognize your Achievements: Oftentimes we can get caught up into what everyone else is accomplishing, and we can forget about our achievements big and small everyday. Take at least 5 minutes out of every day to praise yourself for what you’ve accomplished.

Take your Black Girls Rock moment today and everyday to celebrate all that you are!

To learn more about Black Girls Rock! Visit:

To watch footage from Black Girls Rock! Award Show visit:

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