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What a Time to Be Alive

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Mental Wellness Victories in a Year of Adversity.

By: Camesha L. Jones

Photo Credit: Kimberly Mbayiwa of RicAfrica

Today is celebration of how far I’ve come by the grace of God. Many people did not know that last year I experienced the most adversity with my mental wellness since my 1st crisis in 2013. In the summer of 2017, I began to lose everything that gave me comfort including my job(s), my health insurance (which is vital), my savings, and balanced mental wellness. Through all of this, I experienced a rollercoaster of mental health crisis and deep depression. Though I was going through all of this, only my support circle knew and held me with the love that I needed.

What fascinated me in hindsight is that with all the instability that I experienced, I was still able to produce beautiful things that brought my heart joy like launching Bold & Bipolar and pouring my all into supporting our community to sustain their mental wellness through Sista Afya. Bipolar had me by the chokehold but something inside of me did not give up and I decided to face my unresolved issues that were coming to the surface through my symptoms.

Never had I ever had my faith tested like I did in 2017. Never had I ever had to risk everything to walk towards having the life I needed, the one I deserved. Everything I went through and what God brought me through was the breakthrough I needed. I feel more mentally, spiritually, and physically grounded than I ever have in my life. My therapist in last session told me that all the therapeutic goals that I set out to accomplish were coming to fruition. I have a stable job now. I’m growing my support circle everyday. And most importantly I have control over my mind and it is at peace. I see myself different now - not as victim of mental illness but as a survivor. No longer a warrior but a victor.

Thank you to each and every person who’s supported me in any way. Special thanks to my family and close friends.

I love you all.

Camesha Jones

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