We are currently only offering teletherapy (online therapy sessions) for those who live in Illinois due to COVID-19.

We provide options to pay out of pocket, insurance,  sliding scale, membership and free therapy spots available for those who qualify. To see more information about our payment and fees, click the buttons below. 

Steps for Therapy with Sista Afya Therapists:

  1. Fill out the appropriate Therapy Request form.

  2.  You will receive an email from a Therapist about setting up a phone consultation as openings become available

  3. If we cannot meet your therapeutic needs we will refer you to another provider.

  4.  During the consultation, the Therapist will schedule you for an appointment. 

Which Therapy Request Form should I fill out?

  • Fill out the Free Therapy Request form if you make less than $1500/month.

  • Fill out the Sliding Scale Therapy Request form if your income is at least $1750/month.

  • Fill out the Insurance Therapy Request form if you will use private insurance for therapy.

Thrive in Therapy Membership Program

Learn more about our all-inclusive mental wellness membership that is just $85/month by clicking here.

Our Chicago Office is located at:

1750 E. 71st Street, Suite L, Chicago, IL 60649.

If you have any questions, contact us at:

No phone calls please!

Our Therapists

Ammie Kae Brooks, LSW


 Abilene Christian University

Bachelor's + Master's in Social Work

Ammie Kae is a Licensed Social Worker and Clinical Therapist, who has dedicated her professional career to cultivating spaces for Black women and girls to heal and grow. She developed her roots as a practitioner working closely with victims of gender and race based violence through macro and micro-level practice.


She has experience working with client's at all stages of development, from early childhood through adulthood, and from various backgrounds and cultures. She works closely with individuals and families who are experiencing crisis, are struggling to manage symptoms of trauma, dealing with mental illness, or are looking to regain a sense of hope and joy about life. Ammie Kae is committed to integrating technology, arts, and relevant research into her therapeutic approach to provide both communities and clients with safe environments for mental restoration.

I support people with the following conditions: depression, anxiety, traumatic stress.

I provide support in the following areas:  gender-based violence, race-based trauma, women's issues, self-esteem, childhood + family relational issues. 


I servewomen, young adults, adults.

*Ammie works exclusively with those requesting free individual therapy. 

Betty Hailu, MSW


  Northern Illinois University

B.S. Human Services

Illinois State University

Masters in Social Work

I believe you are the expert of your own unique experience. My work focuses on meeting my clients where they are and fostering a relationship that allows for positive growth and whole-body wellness. My compassionate and empathetic nature is revealed through genuine, non-judgmental, and collaborative space where possibilities can be explored. My approach has been fueled by focusing on “what happened to you” instead of “what’s wrong with you.”


My experience working in various levels of care and with different populations has provided me with skills to provide support to clients with behavioral problems, experiencing challenges with mental illness, life transitions, trauma, stress, and relationship issues. I am especially driven to help young adults and women. 


I enjoy empowering clients by facilitating awareness, developing a plan for change, and establishing new patterns of behavior to move forward towards living their best life. My approach to healing is holistic. I utilize many techniques including, mindfulness, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy while using a strengths perspective.


I support people with the following conditions: depression, anxiety, PTSD, and trauma.

I provide support in the following areas: life transitions (school, career, etc), self-esteem, stress, school-related problems, relationship issues, individual growth.


I servewomen, young adults, adults.

* Betty works exclusively with those requesting sliding-scale therapy and Thrive in Therapy members.

Camesha L. Jones, LCSW


  Spelman College

B.A. Sociology

 University of Chicago

A.M. Social Service Administration

Hi! I’m Camesha and I’m excited that you’ve found me here at Sista Afya. I am a Community Mental Wellness Advocate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Servant-Leader. I enjoy working with people to transform their mental well-being so then can have a thriving, full, and whole life. I am dedicated to working together with you to discover your inner strength, while digging deep to understand experiences from the past that are impacting you today.


I’ve spent the last 8 years of my career serving women and young adults individually and in group settings. I primarily work with young adults who are in a transitional period of life by helping them to overcome feelings of depression, anxiety, and elevated levels of stress. I believe in radical social work practice and view mental wellness through a social justice lens by being attentive to issues related to race, gender, income, environment, and religion/spirituality in therapy sessions.


My therapeutic approach is collaborative and I utilize therapeutic techniques including: solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. I believe that healing is a beautiful and complex process. I am here to do the healing work with you so you can have the vibrant life you deserve. Looking forward to connecting with you. Be well!

I support people with the following conditions: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and mood disorders​​.

I provide support in the following areas: stress, anger management, emotional regulation, life transitions, women's issues, self-esteem.

I serve: women, young adults, adults

Therapists below are not accepting new clients.
 Latania J. Franklin, LCSW


  Northern Illinois University

B.S. Sociology

Loyola University Chicago

Masters in Social Work

Asking for and seeking emotional help can be such a difficult step to take. It is even more challenging when you come from a family or culture that believes you should not "tell other people your business.” There is often an urge to hold in your emotions and a need to stay strong and present for your loved ones. Please trust that you need your needs met just as much as they do. There is a saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, meaning that you must care for your own needs before you can care for those around you. It's time to take care of you.

I provide a safe space for women of all ages to share what they desire. This space will not only be a place to express and discover your needs, but also a space to find ways to fill your cup. We will work together to discover what excites you and makes you happy. 


I support people with the following conditions: anxiety, depression, trauma


I provide support in the following areas: life transitions, grief, relationships, school issues, self-esteem.


I serve: women, adults

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