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Thanks for taking the first step to take care of your mental wellness. We at Sista Afya are here to support you on your healing journey. Get to know our Therapists below and click the button below to fill out our Therapy request form to get started. 

Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness


Betty Hailu, LSW

Betty is a Master's level Social Worker who focuses on meeting her clients where they are and fostering a relationship that allows for positive growth and whole-body wellness. She is compassionate and empathetic nature is revealed through genuine, non-judgmental, and collaborative space where possibilities can be explored. She enjoys empowering clients by facilitating awareness, developing a plan for change, and establishing new patterns of behavior to move forward towards living their best life.


Women, Young Adults, Adults

Issue Areas:

Self-esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues transitions.

Betty exclusively sees people who have insurance and pay a full rate for therapy.


April Threatt, MA

April is a Qualified Mental Health Professional who specializes in servicing women and adults. She empowers her clients to understand various factors in their lives that contribute to their unhappiness. She is committed to being compassionate and present with her clients as they discover their inner strengths to bring about desired change. Her approach is person-centered and she believes that building relationships with clients is essential in therapy in order to assist them in working through issues, overcoming obstacles, and becoming the best version of themselves


 Adults,  Women

Issue Areas:

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Communication Issues, Burnout, Phase-of-Life transitions, Relationship Issues, Self-esteem, Coping Skills, Women Issues.

April sees people who qualify for sliding scale, our therapy membership, and insurance. 


Danielle Swan, MAATC

Danielle Swan (she/her) is a Counselor with master’s level training from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Danielle’s mission is to encourage positive relationships with yourself and others.  She has worked with individuals and groups of all ages experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use and chronic illness. She aims to support people with healing through compassionate care that's rooted in discovering your strengths, creative expression, and mindfulness.  She believes firmly in the therapeutic alliance with clients and works diligently to align herself with liberated practices rooted in Black feminist theory. 


 Adults,  Women, Teens

Issue Areas:

Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Self-Esteem, Trauma, Substance Use, 

 Women's Issues, Identity Formation

Danielle sees people who qualify for sliding scale, our therapy membership, and insurance. 


Camesha L. Jones, LCSW

Camesha is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who enjoys working with people to transform their mental well-being so they can have a thriving, full, and whole life. She is dedicated to working together with you to discover your inner strength while digging deep to understand experiences from the past that are impacting you today. Her therapeutic approach is collaborative and action-oriented supporting clients to move towards the lives they deserve.


Women, Young Adults

Issue Areas:

Self-esteem, depression, anxiety, social justice, stress management, life transitions.

Camesha exclusively sees people who have insurance and self-pay. 

Sista Afya Community Care, NFP


Candice Gant, LCSW

Candice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Therapist. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic and incorporates multiple orientations and techniques to meet the client where they are. She believes in fostering the strengths of each person and working towards sustainable healing. She is certified as Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and Financial Social Worker. She has trained in providing integrative evidence-based behavioral health services with young and middle-aged adults. She has previously provided services to people who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, substance use, sexual assault, developmental issues, and interpersonal difficulties.


 Young Adults, Adults

Issue Areas:

Trauma, anxiety, depression, interpersonal violence, substance use issues, financial issues, and interpersonal difficulties.

Candice exclusively sees people who qualify for free therapy at Sista Afya Community Care. 


Tiana Hill, LCSW

Tiana Hill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and clinical therapist who is passionate about mental wellness and healing. She is dedicated to helping clients work towards their highest self and thrive. She loves incorporating art and creative interventions to help clients develop new skills, break generational cycles, heal from trauma, and discover themselves. Her therapeutic approach is holistic and client-centered.  


 Young Adults, Women, Adults

Issue Areas:

Trauma, depression, anxiety, women's issues, health issues, financial wellness, self-esteem, social justice,

LGBTQ+ issues.

Tiana exclusively sees people who qualify for free therapy at Sista Afya Community Care.