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Self-care without the Hype

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

By: Rodnisha Ford

Do you remember the old days when no one had to remind us to take care of ourselves? Back when self-care was simply something we did for sustainability and not to fit in with trending hashtags? So often we get caught up with using cool newly trending buzz words that we forget that self-care is actually an action and not just a saying. Though it is great that social media gives the space to share our triumphs, which in many cases can keep us accountable, it is important to engage in activities that will truly uplift and enrich your life, not just look great in the photo you post. By mindfully connecting with ways that make your body, mind, and spirit feel full again, you are truly embarking on the journey of self-care, even when this often seems like a distant possibility. Continue reading to connect with these 8 simple self-care suggestions to get the full benefits of taking care of yourself, even if your followers will never know you did it.

8 Self Care Reminders:

  • Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself- Go ahead and read that again, this time really take in what it means. So often it is easy to start the game of comparing and contrasting your success to that of others. This can create internalized personal judgements that can have you being hard on yourself without celebrating your accomplishments. Firstly, it is important to note that your success does not look like that of the next person. The success that is meant for you and your life will flow to you in due time, the trick is remaining open to receiving what is yours instead of looking for and hoping you get what already belongs to someone else. As long as you are putting in the work and doing what you need to do to progress, you can give yourself some room to be gentle and appreciate all of the things you have accomplished. So, take some time for the occasional pats on your own back, you deserve it.

  • Take A Minute to Breathe- In fact, do it right now. Yes, you heard me right, stop. Stop right there. Put down whatever is in your hand, let go of old thoughts that currently occupy your attention, be present, let it go, and breathe. You may hear it all the time that breath is life and breathing heals us, but it is such an easy thing to forget to do intentionally. By taking just a few moments each day to stop your thoughts and focus on your breath, you redirect stagnant energy to focusing on yourself which helps keep your body healthy and your mind and spirit at ease.

  • Drink More Water- This suggestion may seem easy enough however it is surprising how many people are not getting enough water throughout the day. Water is one of the most important parts of our bodies. It keeps us healthy, hydrated, and gives us energy to get through life so it is a great way to give back to yourself. Set a timer reminding you when to drink more water. Keep your body hydrated and just watch how much better you feel throughout your week.

  • Move and Stretch Your Body- Working out and stretching is another great way to put focus into your body while feeling what you need. By strengthening, loosening, and lengthening the muscles, your body becomes more open and responsive to life’s daily challenges. The more prepared your body is for the day ahead of you, the more likely you are to end your days feeling refreshed and proud of your accomplishments. Additionally, moving your body and staying active is a great way to release tension and built up stress that no longer serves you.

  • Get More Sleep- Sleep is often a very overlooked and underrated aspect of personal care and wellness but is of utmost importance. As life demands so much it can be difficult to get to sleep or even get sleep that is restful and recharging. By taking small steps to improve the length and quality of your sleep, you can create positive, long lasting changes that impact your quality of life. Grounded Wellness LLC is a great resource for more information and workshops on sleep. Providing quizzes that help you check in with your sleep patterns and workshops that offer wind down suggestions, this is a great resource for sleep improvement.

  • Enjoy Alone Time- Many people fear going out and doing things by themselves; however, it is a great way to connect with yourself. Doing things alone helps get a better understanding of who you are and the things you like without the influence of others. Taking time to engage in your favorite activities, or eating at your favorite restaurant, or whatever brings you joy, is a great way to give yourself the love you deserve. Instead of fearing alone time, embrace all the amazing things you have yet to learn about yourself in these quiet hours.

  • Do a Body Scan- Can you feel your body? It may seem like a silly question but as life keeps people on the go it is easy to disconnect from our bodies and simply move through the world. Taking time to check in and really feel your body can be a great way to not only reconnect with yourself but also to address any needs you may have. Body scans help take you out of automatic pre-recorded answer mode and into a more mindful and present position that addresses your needs. Realizing this it can be helpful to scan your body head to toe every now and again just to check in. How are you? What do you need at this moment? How do you feel? Give yourself the space to know the problem before developing a solution.

  • Live in Authenticity- The cliche saying, “you only live once” has been around so long because it holds a bounty of truth. The life you live now is the only one you will get so be sure to honor this life by living it with intention. While you are not always able to change the things that happen in life, you can take control of what you have by living in our own authenticity and intentionality. This means making decisions that feel in alignment with your intuition and gut feelings while also paying attention to and providing space for these moments. While it is so easy to overlook your feelings about something, do yourself a favor and listen to these moments as they cultivate your intuition and allow you to live in a way that is most authentic to you. There is only one you in this world so love who you are by expressing your authentic self.

Though this is in no way a comprehensive list of ways to take care of yourself it is a great way to start. The most important thing to take away is that you find a way to connect with yourself and give your existence what it needs to thrive. Checking in with yourself and giving your body what you need is the best way to take care of and advocate for a sustainably healthy life. So, instead of focusing on doing things that may make really cool hashtags and great pictures for social media, try giving yourself what you truly need in each moment.

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